Personal Training Round 1

It’s amazing what can happen if you pay attention to some things. I’m not sure how we know one another, and maybe we don’t. On Facebook I’m friends with a tattoo model. Well I was going through my feed and friends and trimming the fat as I typically do when I’m making big changes in my life and realized she is actually a personal trainer at the LA Fitness I belong to.

I have an appointment with her this evening for the intro session. Basically to tell you how fat and out of shape you are and to somewhat kick your ass. I’ve done the intro one before at a different location but I never met a trainer I really meshed with and understood what my goals were.

So here it goes. I’m really fucking nervous. One…because I hate going to the gym, I know people don’t even notice anyone really, unless you’re being a dick, being eccentric, etc. But I am always so self conscious when I go into the gym. I work in an industry that really does some mental warfare on you and can really make you feel awful about yourself. So I always feel like I look ridiculous basically. But I gotta get over that because it’s soooooo stupid. It’s hard though. Especially when you’ve been overweight for a while and just feel trapped by your own body.

So I guess I’ll post a little after we’re done. Let you guys know how it goes.

Revisiting Goals…..

So I revisited my goal today.

My goal is 9-12 months to lose 75-80 pounds. If I really put myself to it and finally make the lifestyle change I’ve been needing to make I can actually achieve this.

I’m over not being able to find things to wear, clothes to buy…..not enjoying what I look like when I see myself in the mirror….not feeling like…myself.

I used to be so active when I was younger. Horseback riding, track, volleyball…..I guess getting older and venturing into adulthood and having to work has caused me to lose sight of a lot of things.

I applied to two different Universities so that I can finally finish my bachelor’s degree.

Once I start school I’m going to lessen the amount of hours that I work so that I can focus stronger on my school work and what’s required. 

I’ve even organized a planner to follow a certain schedule to try and reach certain goals; weight, personal, school.

Hopefully this all works out finally.